on the subject of me

Hi there, I’m Elaine!

Welcome to The Voguish Gal.

My love for fashion & my passion for writing has helped me begin my blogging journey. Ever since I began to work for the fashion industry, I have always loved to stay up to date with the latest trends, considering my self a true “voguish gal”. My looks may change as fashion continues to grow, but I always incorporate my chic style to it. I live for girly elegance, & true simplicity while still making a statement hence my title, “voguish”. I currently live in Tampa, Fl but I am always traveling or planning my next destination. My goal is to bring my readers savvy ways to fashion, & amazing looks without breaking the bank. I want my followers to find new ways to shop and express their style through my fashion sense, while also taking you on my many travel adventures & encouraging you to see the world. Sounds like you’ve come to the right place? Then start reading! I hope to capture your attention as you follow me through my journey, of course, in style.

I have started something where there was once nothing & that is my biggest motivation.

xo, Elaine.

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